Cytotech Monthly Report



This report is given to every Cytotechnologist each month as part of their ongoing evaluation.  It is composed of several different parts which compares each technologists performance with that of their peers.  Problem areas are identified and can be followed each month.  A graphic comparison of all Techs can be found here.


Diagnosis % by Month

This subreport compares a Tech's diagnosis percent of AGCUS, ASCUS, HGSIL, and LGSIL with the Lab rate.  Significant outlier values are identified for closer followup.


Tech/Pathologist Agreement

This subreport compares a Tech's diagnosis with the signing Pathlogist's diagnosis.  This looks at just two parameters - ECA agreement and the signout percent by Technologist without Pathologist review.  ECA agreement is a broad look at the Technologist's ability to identify abnormal smears.  If the Technologist calls it ECA, does the Pathologist agree?  The signout percent identifys which Techs may be sending to many cases for Pathlogist review.  If the ECA agree is low and the signout percent is low, then the Tech is sending "nothing" cases for Pathlogist review.


Tech/Pathologist Diagnosis Details



Tech/Pathologist Agreement - All



False Negative Fraction