Digital Camera Comparison


This page is an opportunity to compare raw photomicrography output from various digital cameras.  I will post examples of as many cameras as I can obtain with basic information.  My motive is entirely selfish as I have been trying to choose a digital camera for photomicrography and have been disappointed with the unretouched output I have seen so far.   The pictures are quite large for the web - 640 x 480 but anything smaller is too small to really see.  If you have a slow link, the pages will load slowly.  I chose larger pictures with slower downloads knowing some folks will be unhappy.  There are two examples of each image.  The first is raw and has not been manipulated.  The second has had a levels command to spread out the tonal values - just for comparison.



Olympus DP12 - PG

Insight QE

Nikon Coolpix - RP

Olympus DP12 - A

Apollo - Sony Videocamera

Microtek 35t Slide Scanner (control)

Nikon CoolPix - RP 2 (new)

Whole Slide Scanner - UB (control)

Insight QE 2 (new)

Microtek 35t Slide Scanner (new, control)

Spot - Rt 2 - RL (new)