CNO Site Specific Reports

PJC Site Specific Reports

General QA Reports

QA – Physician’s Assistants

PA – List Cases

PA – Sum Cases with review%

PA – Sum Cpts with review%

Basic Review Information

Typical Review Types


QA Review - Pathologists

% QA Reviewed

QA – Pathologists Reports

QA Review all by Path / Review date

QA – Pathologists Reports #2

QA – Review Agree Rate by Type

QA – Review Agree Rate by Type #2

QA – Review Agree - TW

CytoQA - Pathologist

Cyto-Histo Correlation

Review Details

Cyto Surg Correlation

Cyto Surg Correlation #2



Cyto-Histo – Pathologist List


Cyto-Histo Bethesda Correlation


Cyto_Histo Bethesda List Path


Cytotechnologist QA

Referral Rate

Referral rate

Average Rate Per Day

Average # screened

Cytotech Diagnosis Percents

Tech Dx Percent

Tech Path Agreement List

Tech-Path Compare

Cyto-Histo Bethesda


Cyto-Histo Bethesda - List


Tech ECA/WNL Path Agreement

Tech ECA/WNL Path Agree

False Negative Fraction

FNF – Tech Totals

FNF – ASCUS+ over time

FNF – SIL+ – over time

FNF - Cumulative

FNF – Single year comparison

Cytology QA – Laboratory

Cyto-Histo Case List – WNL

WNL Case list - QA

Cyto-Histo Case List -Abnormals

Abnl case list - QA

Cyto-Histo Correlation - Lab

Cyto-Histo Correlation - Lab

Cyto_Histo – Lab List

Cyto-Histo List – Lab

Cyto-Histo Discrepancies

Cyto-Bethesda – Lab Summary

Cyto_Bethesda – Summary Lab

Cyto-Bethesda – Lab List

Cyto-Bethesda – Lab List Eg.

Miscellaneous Reports

Cpt Count by Physician/Mo

HPV Summary by Physician

HPV List by Physician

Physician Reports

Adequacy – Endocervical?

Endocervical Component

Doc abnormal paps

Doc cyto-histo list

Doc QA Bethesda

ASCUS / HPV Correlation

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