Cytology Associates



Why choose CA for your Cytopathology laboratory?


  1. CA is over 99% accurate on Pap smears for the last 10 yrs.  


  1. We know our Pap smear statistics.  We know  our ASCUS/SIL ratio, ASCUS %, LGSIL %, HGSIL%, UNSAT %, and  the percent of Pap smears with and without an endocervical component.  We monitor these statistics monthly as well as the same numbers for each of our Cytotechnologists.

  2. Not only do we know these statistics for our lab, we know them for each and every one of our Physicians.  This enables us to readily answer your questions about a "rising" ASCUS rate or "the lack of an endocervical component" on your Pap smears.  For those interested Physicians, we share these numbers every 6 months or every year.  


  1. We have accurate Cytology / Histology correlation for over 3 yrs of data.  We can predict what percent of the time a Cytologic diagnosis is followed by a certain histologic diagnosis.  This information is listed below in a slide format.

Patient Management

  1. Missing an abnormal Pap smear report is real fear for many Physicians.  We will send you a monthly list of your abnormal Pap smears.  It can serve as a checklist to make sure all abnormal reports were seen.

  2. Getting cytology/tissue followup is critical in the management of abnormal Pap smears.  We will send you monthly reports which will contain a list of all abnormal Paps from 6 months ago with a list of GYN follow-up in our system.  This serves as another checklist for appropriate patient management.

  3. Additionally, a letter may be sent at a Physician set interval, to remind the Physician of any abnormal Paps without appropriate follow-up tissue or cytology.  

  4. 24 hr / day website with retrieval of patient reports including historical reports.