Einstein was our first harlequin Great Dane.  He was from the same line as Oscar.   He was a fun, playful dog but he sometimes had a dominance problem.  He was almost four when he died, very young.  He developed bloat (twisted intestines with ischemic necrosis).  Sometimes it seems you are a glutton for punishment if you own large dogs.

It is 7/26/92.  We are shopping for another puppy.  Here is Krista with Einstein.  He is about 6 weeks old.

e7_26_92a.jpg (29826 bytes)

9/15/92 - Einstein and Oscar loved to play together.  Einey is 3 1/2 mos old.

e9_15_92a.jpg (17739 bytes)

9/15/92 - He had a huge beautiful nose.  His ears are taped so they will stand up later after being clipped.  We no longer get our Danes ears clipped.

e9_15_92ab.jpg (24388 bytes)

9/16/92  -  Einstein and Oscar loved to go for rides in the car.  They were the first ones in and the last ones out.

e9_16_92a.jpg (15003 bytes)

10/17/92  -  Sometimes getting them out could be a real problem.  If you opened the door, even if you were not going anywhere, they would jump in and stay.

e10_17_92b.jpg (18311 bytes)

10/17/92 -  Einstein and Krista are in bed.  He is 4 1/2 mos old.

e10_17_92ab.jpg (18573 bytes)

10/22/97 -  Einstein had such a beautiful face.

e10_22_92a.jpg (18392 bytes)


11/12/97  -  Our 3 danes were doing what they did best - guard the living room carpet.

e11_12_92a.jpg (15333 bytes)

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