Our Danes are so short lived.  They make wonderful pets and companions.   Oscar was the perfect companion. He would follow you around wherever you go.  He could never get enough attention.  His behavior around strange people as well as other animals was impeccable.  Old age  finally caught up with him.   He got down in the hips and required daily arthritis medication.  He also developed a few seizures.  Below are a series of pictures which chronicle his life. 

This picture was taken June 6th of 1990.  We had just brought him home.  He is 6 weeks old.  My daughter Tricia, who was 8 years old, is sitting on the driveway next to him.

O_6_5_90a.jpg (18051 bytes)

This picture was taken one month (7/1/90) later.  You can get a better idea of how tiny he was when we first got him.  Oscar was a timid puppy.

O_7_1_90a.jpg (18155 bytes)

The date is December 12th, 1990.  It is Christmas and Oscar is about 6 months old.  My daughter, Krista, is giving him a hug.

O_12_16_90a.jpg (20429 bytes)

It is 3/9/91.  Oscar and Reagan are enjoying a snooze on Krista's bed.  They got along well together.

o3_9_91a.jpg (16959 bytes)

4/18/91   Oscar is standing in our backyard.  He is about 1 year old.  Boy, is he sleek.

O_4_18_91a.jpg (20620 bytes)

It is 4/2/92.  Jon and Oscar are enjoying a short break camping out on our sofa bed.  Oscar is about 2 years old.

o4_2_92_2a.jpg (20331 bytes)

It is 10/31/92.  Einstein and Oscar are playing together in the living room.  Oscar is 2 1/2 years old.

o10_31_92a.jpg (18169 bytes)

It is 5/16/97.  Oscar and Charlie are playing on the deck.  Oscar is 7 years old.

o10_31_92a.jpg (18169 bytes)

It is July of 1998.  Oscar is standing on our driveway.  He has a lot of white now and he is a little low in the hips as his arthritis gets worse.  Later in the day he is worse.  

o10_31_92a.jpg (18169 bytes)

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