Our Danes are so short lived.  They make wonderful pets and companions.   Reagan was our only female Great Dane so far.  She was as sweet a dog as you could find anywhere.  She had none of the male dominance problems.  However, she was the Queen whenever it suited her.

Reagan was not a puppy when she joined our family.  She was about 7 months old.  Here she is at 8 months.  She is affectionate and HUGE! (12/23/90)

r_12_23_90a.jpg (19198 bytes)

This picture was also taken on 12/23/90.  I loved to play with her as she adored hugs and kisses.

r_12_23_90_2a.jpg (15070 bytes)

The date is 5/11/91.  Reagan is about 1 year old.  She is lying on the couch with my son, Jon.  As you can see, our animals are really part of our family.

r_5_11_91a.jpg (21920 bytes)

It is 7/4/91.  Reagan and the girls are lying in bed together.  

r7_4_91.jpg (21880 bytes)

10/9/92  - Reagan and Krista are together on her bed.  They are both photogenic.

r10_9_92a.jpg (17041 bytes)

11/6/92  Reagan is gradually worming her way onto the couch so she can get in Shirley's lap and nibble her chin.

r11_6_92a.jpg (18489 bytes)

8/9/96  Reagan is standing on the deck.   She is getting a little sag and bag but she is still a good looking woman.

r11_6_92a.jpg (18489 bytes)

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