Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice were our two new fawn puppies.  They were both very smart females.  These are their baby pictures.

It is the middle of April, 1998.  The two babies are tired and sleeping on my lap as well as next to me on our living room floor.   They are about 8 weeks old.

ss_4_98a.jpg (18053 bytes)

4/98 -  Jessica and Krista are holding Sugar and Spice.  They look very similar.  Sugar has a blacker muzzle.

ss_4_98b.jpg (22895 bytes)

4/98 - Tricia has both the babies.  Spice has a shorter tail, though you can't see it in the picture.

ss_4_98c.jpg (24473 bytes)

4/98  A closeup of Sugar (right) and Spice (left).

ss_4_98d.jpg (19020 bytes)

4/98 - Aren't the babies sweet as they nap together.

ss_4_98e.jpg (19792 bytes)

5/98 - Here are the pups playing together in our garage.

ss_5_98.jpg (8856 bytes)

5/98 - Here is a link to a short mpg movie of the pups playing together.  It is zipped.

ss_5_98.jpg (8856 bytes)



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