Jon and Jon's Art

Jon is quite a talented artist.  Whatever art form he chooses, the results are usually impressive.  A few examples he left at home are pictured below.  The color is somewhat poor as these pictures were captured off my movie camera.  I will replace them with 35 mm pictures later.

Ok, I know I have slipped in a few older pictures when no one was looking. This is June of 1979.  Shirley is holding Jon at the Grand Canyon.  He is about 6 months old.  Jennie, our niece, is pictured also.

jc2_7_91a.jpg (25126 bytes)

This is Spring of 1986.  Jon is sitting on our deck.  He is seven. It is Easter time and he has a chocolate bunny in his hands.   It was one of Shirley's homemade treats.

jc2_7_91a.jpg (25126 bytes)

The date is 2/7/91 and Jon is 12.  He has just won a prize in the St. Luke's Science Fair.

jc2_7_91a.jpg (25126 bytes)

This is June 12th, 1991.  Krista and Jon had great fun racing Buttermilk and Bessie up and down the field.  Of course Jon cheated and took the bigger animal.

jc6_12_91a.jpg (17864 bytes)

This is Jon's 13th birthday party - 1/2/92.  Having your birthday one week after Christmas is really the pits.  But Jon always took it well.

jc1_1_92a.jpg (16684 bytes)

This is a beautifully painted egg.  It is fading somewhat and the lighting is inadequate.

egg1a.jpg (25172 bytes)

This vase has a attractive design and is a good example of ceramics.

vase1a.jpg (20626 bytes)

The angel is made of cut glass with a leaded/metal frame outline.   With the right lighting and a good camera, it is gorgeous.

angel1a.jpg (19665 bytes)

It is May of 1996.  Jon really looks good in a tux.

angel1a.jpg (19665 bytes)



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