My Son Jon

Most of the following pictures have been captured from my videocamera.  Color is not perfect but I do have some images.

It is 1/12/93.  Jon is 14 years old.

j1_12_93.jpg (28823 bytes)

It is Christmas at home and Jon has just received some cash.  Something he was always able to put to good use.

j2_12_93.jpg (40779 bytes)

He also got some very colorful ties, though Jon and neckties have very little in common.

j3_12_93.jpg (39358 bytes)

This is Jon at Tricia's birthday celebration.   He is 15 years old.  Wasn't he a cute kid?

j2_94.jpg (36119 bytes)

Here is Jon holding Whitney, Ed and Trish's little girl, in his lap at their house.  He looks like he is afraid he will drop her.   This is July 1994.

jk7_94.jpg (27797 bytes)

This is a picnic at NCR's downtown park.  Jon was addicted to baseball caps.  I think he had Jenna for company on this day.

jpicnic.jpg (26416 bytes)

This is Jon's graduation from Carroll High School.   It was a very happy day that we long awaited.

jgrad41.jpg (39035 bytes)

He doesn't seem too happy but he really was.   I think he was tired of all the picture taking.

jgrad42.jpg (33682 bytes)

Here is one of my few pictures of Jon and Jenna.   He had long hair for awhile.  This picture is out of order as Jon had short hair at graduation.

jj_bday.jpg (35842 bytes)

This is Christmas of 1998.  One gift was some badly needed clothes.

jon10.jpg (33513 bytes)

It is still Christmas of 1998.  He is sitting on the couch watching television.  He is dressed warmly as he is always cold.

jon1a12_98.jpg (30910 bytes)

This is just a closer photograph.

jon2a12_98.jpg (31881 bytes)

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