Krista is my oldest daughter.  Her interests are varied but horses and animals have always been a big part of her life. 

It is January of 1987.  Krista looks so innocent.  She is 7 years old. 

kc12_24_91a.jpg (21024 bytes)

The date is 12/24/91.  Krista is dressed for Christmas and is beautiful.  She is 11 years old.  I think she looks way older in this picture.

kc12_24_91a.jpg (21024 bytes)

It is 3/19/92.  Krista and Jon are on a business trip with me and are messing around in the pool.

kc3_19_92a.jpg (25106 bytes)

The date is 10/10/92.  Krista is holding a "Breyer" horse she received for her 12th birthday.

k10_10_92a.jpg (15677 bytes)

It is 2/1/97.  Krista is 16 years old and is playing with "her" baby, Charlie.  Charlie truly believes Krista is his mommy and would do anything for her.

kc2_1_97a.jpg (27127 bytes)

Krista is being inducted into the National Honor Society at Carroll H.S. in November of 1997.

nhs1a.jpg (16330 bytes)

This is another picture from the NHS induction ceremony.

nhs3a.jpg (16696 bytes)

This is Krista performing a bit of Shakespeare for a school assignment.  It is being filmed for a class presentation.  It is Spring of 1998.

nhs3a.jpg (16696 bytes)

This is the Spring Honors convocation and Krista is receiving her award.  It is May of 1998.

nhs3a.jpg (16696 bytes)



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