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It is October of 1998.  Krista and Tricia are heading to a dance.  Their friend, Mike, posed for this picture with them. 

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It is still October of 1998.  We got Tricia and Krista to pose as they used to when they were little bitty babies. 

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It is December of 1993 and I have just bought a videocamera.  Krista is smiling but wishes I would go away.  She is 12 years old. 

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It is still 1993 and it must be a picture around Christmas.

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Krista is opening her Christmas presents.  I think she is 13 years old as this would be Christmas of 1993.

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It is 1994 and Krista is part of a musical at St. Lukes.

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It is 1994 and Krista is part of a musical at St. Lukes.  Shirley made Krista a real cute skirt.

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It is May of 1994 and Krista is enjoying the pool.

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It is 1995 and this was obtained at Tricia's graduation.  Krista really gets tired of me filming her.

k_tgrad35.jpg (33392 bytes)

This is the same graduation.  I never get tired of filming my family. 

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This is Krista's graduation from St. Lukes.   It seems like such a long time ago as she has just graduated from High School.

kgrad10.jpg (37688 bytes)

Another picture from Krista's graduation.  The videocamera loses color in indoor settings. 

kgrad6.jpg (32082 bytes)

Here is Krista and Laura in the Beavercreek 4th of July Parade in 1995.  They enjoyed riding their horses even though many times it has been very hot.

kl_parad14.jpg (40908 bytes)

Krista and Princess are galloping down the field.   I used this video segment for a computer animation as I liked it so much.

kride.jpg (33866 bytes)

It is Krista's birthday in 1998.  She got some neat cards and dog stuff. 

kbday10.jpg (35530 bytes)

Same birthday as above.  She has always been very fond of my picture/movie taking at these family gatherings. (sarcasm) 

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This is one of Krista's high school graduation pictures.  She is very lovely. 

kris_gradpic7_98.jpg (26868 bytes)

I guess you can take multiple types of graduation pictures and poses at one sitting.  She looks fantastic in this summery outfit and hat.

kris_orange7_98.jpg (35836 bytes)

This is a Christmas picture.  I think it is Christmas of 1998. 

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Krista and Sugar are taking a short break together.

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