Shirley and Dancing #2

Shirley enjoys couples dancing also.  Michael Kelly makes a fine partner.  I also have a short video (433 kb) (to be added) of Shirley line dancing.  I have got a few photos of Shirley and me ballroom dancing - in particular - East Coast Swing.  These are located on my dance page (link to be added).  I seem to be dragging her to a lot of dance classes.

When I watch them dance, it looks like a lot of fun. This and watching some other couples got me interested in learning couples dancing.

couple_1a.jpg (30320 bytes)

This twirling stuff makes me dizzy.  Shirley and Michael seem to handle it with ease.

couple_1b.jpg (31090 bytes)

I think couples dancing is really an opportunity to talk and laugh.   Michael made a good partner for Shirley.

couple_1c.jpg (18922 bytes)

Michael and Shirley get tangled up once in awhile but they always have a great time. 

couple_1d.jpg (22633 bytes)


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