Dietary Cancer Prevention

The chart above categorizes the evidence for diet and cancer risk for various cancers.  Diet unequivocally plays a role in certain cancers but the risk/benefit is difficult to quantify.

How diet and genetics are intertwined and how they might work together is diagramatically represented above.  Some certain gene combinations might be more susceptible to dietary influence.

This chart explains nutrients and their various effects upon immunity.  A good immune system is what keeps us from getting new cancers every day.

This table summarizes the risk for certain cancers and its relationship to obesity.  Cancer risk can be decreased by things under an individuals control.... such as diet.

Exercise is another area where cancer risk can be decreased.  RR is relative risk.  A RR of 1 would be no increased or decreased risk.

The above recommendations seem like a good recipe for clean living  and that is exactly what it is.  However, it is also a recipe for minimizing your risk for developing cancer.