Healthy Aging

12 point program - Dr. Andrew Weil

  • A couple of background points.  There is nothing - supplement, drug, hormone -  that will prolong/extend life including HGH (human growth hormone.  

  • Age associated disease and morbidity is not a given.  It is effected by genes and lifestyle and as such can be altered by what we do and eat.  The goal is "morbidity compression".  Delay any disease  or morbidity until we are very near the end of our life ie. healthy happy living right up until our death.

1. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet

2. Use a dietary supplement wisely

3. Use preventive medicine wisely

4. Get regular physical exercise

5. Get adequate rest and sleep

6. Practice some form of stress management

7. Exercise your mind

8. Stay connected socially and intellectually

9. Remain flexible in mind and body

10. Discover the benefits of aging

11. Do not try to deny aging

12. Think about your legacy

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