Unusual Symptoms


Devin Starlanyl's Symptom Page 

  • Symptom List and Possible Causes

    Childhood growing pains: [early TrPs]
    "Traveling" nocturnal sinus stuffiness: [pterygoid, sternocleidomastoid, posterior digastric]
    Allergies: (FMS)
    Post nasal drip: (FMS), [pterygoid, sternocleidomastoid]
    Drooling in sleep: [internal medial pterygoid]
    Swollen glands: [digastric]
    Difficulty swallowing: [digastric, pterygoid]
    Dry cough: [lower end sternal sternocleidomastoid]
    TMJ symptoms: [masseter, trapezius, temporalis, pterygoid]
    Dizziness when turning head or changing field of view: [sternocleidomastoid], (H)
    Runny nose: (FMS), [sternocleidomastoid, pterygoid]
    Sore throat: [sternocleidomastoid, digastric, pterygoid]
    Stiff neck: [levator scapulae]
    Mold/yeast sensitivity: (FMS), (H)
    Reflux esophagitis: [external oblique], (H)
    Headaches/migraines: (FMS), [trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, temporalis, splenii, suboccipital, semispinalis capitis, frontalis, zygomaticus major, cutaneous facial, posterior cervical], (H)
    Light and/or broken sleep pattern with unrefreshing sleep: (FMS)
    Sweats: (FMS), (H)
    Morning stiffness: (FMS), [multiple TrPs]
    Fatigue: (FMS), [multiple TrPs], (H)
    Shortness of breath: (FMS) [serratus anterior, diaphragm, other respiratory muscles], (H)
    Painful weak grip that may let go: [infraspinatus, scaleni, hand extensors, brachioradialis]
    Menstrual problems and/or pelvic pain: (FMS), [coccygeus, levator ani, obturator internus, high adductor magnus, abdominal obliques]
    PMS: (FMS)
    Loss of libido: (FMS)
    Low back pain: [quadratus lumborum, thoracolumbar paraspinals, longissimus, ilicostalis, multifidi, rectis abdominis]
    Nail ridges and/or nails that curve under: (FMS)
    Difficulty speaking known words: (FMS), (H)
    Directional disorientation: (FMS), (H)
    Visual perception problems: [sternocleidomastoid], (H)
    Tearing/reddening of eye, drooping of eyelid: [upper sternal sternocleidomastoid]
    Loss of ability to distinguish some shades of colors: (FMS)
    Short-term memory impairment: (FMS), (H)
    Weight gain/loss: (FMS), (H)
    Sensitivity to odors: (FMS)
    Mitral valve prolapse: (FMS)
    Double/blurry/changing vision: [internal eye muscles, temporalis, sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, cutaneous facial, splenius cervicis]
    Visual and audio effects/falling sensations before sleep (called "sleep starts"): (FMS)
    Earaches/ringing/itch: (FMS), [SCM, masseter, pterygoid],
    Unexplained toothaches: [temporalis, masseter, digastric]
    Rapid/fluttery/irregular heartbeat/heart attack-like pain: (FMS), [sternalis, pectoralis], (H)
    Bloating/nausea/abdominal cramps: (FMS), [abdominals, multifidi, iliocostalis, paraxiphoid rectus abdominus, quadratus lumborum, upper thoracic paraspinals], (H) [Note: for excessive gas and belching, check for TrP at angle of 12th rib, either side.]
    Appendicitis-like pains: [iliopsoas, rectus abdominis, piriformis, iliocostalis]
    Carbohydrate/chocolate cravings: (FMS), (H)
    Sensitivity to cold/heat/humidity/pressure changes/light/wind: (FMS)
    Abdominal cramps, colic: [periumbilical rectus abdominus]
    Panic attacks: (FMS), (H)
    Mottled skin: (FMS)
    Depression: (FMS), (H)
    Confusional states: (FMS), (H)
    Thumb pain and tingling numbness: [brachialis entrapment of radial nerve, adductor pollicus]
    Urine retention: [upper pubic, inguinal ligament, lower internal oblique and lower rectus abdominus TrPs]
    Tendency to cry easily: (FMS), (H)
    Night driving difficulty: (FMS)
    Weak ankles: [peroneus, tibialis]
    Lax, pendulus abdomen: [abdominal TrPs, especially in rectus abdominus]
    Upper/lower leg cramps: [sartorius, gastrocnemius]
    Tight Achilles tendons: [tibialis posterior]
    Groin pain: [adductores longus and brevis, iliopsoas]
    Irritable bowel: (FMS), [pelvic TrPs, multifidi, high adductor magnus, abdominal obliques], (H)
    Sciatica: [thoracolumbar paraspinals, gluteus minimus, hamstrings, piriformis, iliopsoas]
    Urinary frequency: (FMS), [cutaneous and myofascial lower abdominal TrPs]
    Impotence: (FMS), [piriformis pudendal nerve entrapment]
    Stress incontinence, anal/genital/perineal pain: [pelvic floor TrPs, high adductor magnus, piriformis, paraspinals]
    Painful intercourse: [vaginal TrPs, pelvic floor TrPs, piriformis]
    Muscle twitching: (FMS), [local TrPs]
    Numbness and tingling: [nerve entrapment by TrPs]
    Diffuse swelling: (FMS), [vascular entrapment by TrPs]
    Hypersensitive nipples/breast pain: [pectoralis]
    Fibrocystic breasts: (FMS), [possible ductile entrapments by TrPs]
    Buckling knee: [vastus medialis, quadriceps, adductor longus]
    Problems climbing stairs: [sartorius, quadriceps femoris, vastus medialis]
    Problems going down stairs: [popliteus]
    Free-floating anxiety: (FMS), (H)
    Mood swings: (FMS), (H)
    Unaccountable irritability: (FMS), (H)
    Trouble concentrating: (FMS), (H)
    Shin splint-type pain: [peroneus, tibialis]
    Heel pain: [soleus, quadratus plantae, abductor hallucis, tibialis posterior]
    Sensory overload: (FMS), (H)
    Handwriting difficulties: [adductor/opponens pollicis]
    Sore spot on top of head: [splenius capitis, sternocleidomastoid]
    Problems holding arms up (as when folding sheets): [subscapularis, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, upper trapezius, levator scapulae]
    "Fugue"-type states (staring into space before brain can function): (FMS), (H)
    Tight hamstrings: [hamstring complex, adductor magnus, quadriceps femoris, iliopsoas, gastrocnemius] Numbness/tingling on the outer thigh (meralgia paresthetica): [quadriceps femoris, vastus lateralis, sartorius, tensor fascia latae entrapment]
    Carpal tunnel-like pain in wrist (watchband area): [subscapularis]
    Balance problems/staggering gait: [sternocleidomastoid, gluteus minimus], (H)
    Restless leg syndrome: [gastrocnemius, soleus]
    Myoclonus (muscle movements and jerks at night): (FMS), [local TrPs]
    Feeling continued movement in car after stopping: [sternocleidomastoid]
    Feeling tilted when cornering in car: [sternocleidomastoid]
    First steps in the morning feel as if walking on nails: [long flexors of toes, tibialis posterior]
    Pressure of eyeglasses or headbands is painful: [head, neck and shoulder TrPs]
    Thick secretions: (FMS)
    Bruise/scar easily: (FMS)
    Some stripes and checks cause dizziness: [sternocleidomastoid]
    Bruxism (teeth grinding): (FMS), [digastric, masseter, soleus]
    Inability to recognize familiar surroundings: (FMS), (H)
    Delayed reactions to "overdoing it": (FMS)
    Family clustering (other members of the family have FMS): (FMS)
    Tissue overgrowth (fibroids, ingrown hairs, heavy and splitting cuticles, adhesions): (FMS)

    Suggestions for Dealing with FMS and Myofascial Pain: Deal with any perpetuating factors (see "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual edition 2, Starlanyl and Copeland, 2001), including metabolic ones. Find what combination of diet, mindwork, bodywork and medications you need.