You - Staying Young

Principles of Longevity

  • Aging is really about trade-offs (looking at aging from the gene's perspective rather than the individual)

  • Aging isn't about breaking down as much as it is about repair.  (Everything breaks ... It is how well we repair ourselves)

  • Aging happens from both inside out and outside in. (altering the "rate of aging")

  • Aging is not about individual problems but compounded ones. (multiple little problems often add up to a big problem)

  • Aging is reversible - All you need is a nudge. (small changes can reap huge benefits)

Major Agers

  • Bad Genes and Short Telomeres - Develop a memorable memory - Exercise your brain - YOU TIP brain pills? 1 and 2

  • Oxidation and Inefficient Mitochondria - Take the heat off your heart - YOU TIP - Feed your heart 1 and 2

  • Stem Cell Slowdown - Get the best of stress

  • Declining Defenses - Pump up your vagus and immune system

  • Toxins - Cancel out cancer and Breathe easy

  • Glycosylation - Don't be pickled by Diabetes

  • Calorie Consumption and Slowing Sirtuin - Get great guts

  • Neurotransmitter Imbalance - Sleep your way to the top

  • Wacky Hormones - Make the most of menopause adn protect your privates.

  • No Nitric Oxide - Live the Sexy life.

  • UV Radiation - See the world

  • Disuse Atrophy - Muscle up your bones.

  • Wear and Tear - Hear ye, Hear ye.

  • Unforced Errors - The YOU Extended Warranty Plan, The YOU Toolbox, and YOU getting stronger.

Morbidity Compression - the ultimate goal

morbidity compression