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TSC Thickness Sander

  1. This a thickness sander I made from plans in "The Scale Cabinetmaker".  If I can get permission I will post the plans on this site.

Thickness Sander Eg.

  1. It really worked.  The piece of pine is paper thin and semi-translucent.


Wooden Roof Shingles

  1. This is a short, simple tutorial on creating and installing your own wooden shingles.


Miniaturizing Wallpaper

  1. This tutorial explains how I made miniature copies of the wallpaper in my own home.  This is not finished at the moment.


Miniature Molder/Shaper

  1. This tutorial explains how I made a miniature molder/shaper for a drill press or table saw.


Hanging Miniature Wallpaper

  1. This tutorial explains a much easier way to hang miniature wallpaper in previously assembled dollhouse



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