My First Dollhouse

The original construction including photos of the rodent damage are described below on this page.  A step by step illustration of the repair and makeover process can be found here


Basic Shell Closed

  1. 1983 photo of the plywood shell.

Basic Shell Open

  1. Same shell but opened.  Poor quality photo.

Basic Window Frame

  1. Actually fairly crude.  It was before I started reading "The Scale Cabinetmaker".  My source was a TAB book from the library.


  1. Not too bad for my first efforts.  I was and am still learning all the time.  There was only minor mouse damage to the bricks.

Mouse Damage

  1. Basically, all floor and wall coverings had to be stripped and the entire house sterilized with bleach.


  1. There is also some damage to a few wooden parts which will have to be replaced.



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