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All foundations abutted together

  1. The various foundation slabs consist of a plywood box which is 6 in thick/high as grade plus the slabs height relative to grade.  The lowest level is 6 in high or at grade.  The office is 2 in above grade.  The main level is 4 in above grade.   The garage is 3 1/2 in above grade.

Foundation Bracing

  1.  Closeup of metal bracing for added strength.

Plywood Base

  1.  The plywood base is composed of 2 x 8 strips of 3/4 in plywood which is doweled together.  It disassembles fairly nicely is stable.

Plywood Base

  1.  The base is not perfectly flat so my foundation pieces are close but not perfectly aligned.  I will need to bolt them together.

Drilling and Bolting Foundation

  1.  I needed perfect alignment of the various foundation pieces.  They are each balanced on 4 pieces of the correct thickness pieces of wood so their bottoms would align.  They are then clamped for drilling


  1.  Firm clamping for drilling.

Bolting in the upright position

  1.  I placed the foundation pieces on blocks so I could bolt them together from below.


  1.  Closeup of bolts clamping each foundation piece to one another.

Foundation & Subfloors

  1.  Here is the assembled product.  I need two more subfloors for the lower level and office area.

Foundation & Subfloors

  1.  See above.  Now to create my additional subfloors and start on walls and ceilings and eventually, the second story and roof.

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