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Hopefully, this project will be more successful than my attempt at the Wright Bros Home.  I am smarter and have learned from my mistakes.....  This house should be made up of individual components which I can assemble and disassemble by myself.  Everything is lightweight and comes apart.  Each level of my contemporary trilevel will be composed of an aluminum and foam board subfloor.  These subfloors will rest on a multipart plywood foundation which will enable different levels/heights for each floor as needed.


Garage Subfloor

  1. The subfloor is made of an aluminum frame and 1/2 inch foam board.  It is lightweight and very rigid.  Much better than my previous design.

Garage Subfloor Bracing

  1.  Closeup of aluminum frame screwed together and held tight by glueing the foam board.  I used another foam board piece for edge support at breaks.

Garage Edge Banding

  1. Foam board has very weak edges.  I put 1/4 inch plywood as a band to protect the edges.

Garage Wall - Framing

  1. Squaring and glueing the garage wall.  I dadoed the sills for alignment.

Garage Wall - Framing 2

  1. Scale 2 x 6s form the frame for the dividing garage wall.

Garage Wall - Drywall

  1. I used 3/16 inch foam board as my drywall.  Very light but rigid.  I think better than illustration board.

Garage Subfloor - Complete

  1. The finished subfloor and wall is sitting on a 6 in high + grade difference box.  It fits the subfloor perfectly.  Putting all my ground level slabs on these boxes will enable my creation of a tri-level home.  All boxes will be 6 in high + grade level.  When I abut them, the house should be a trilevel.

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