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Hawthorne Hill

  1. This is a lesson on how not to scratch build a house.  The parts are fine but the final product does not work.  Here are the blueprints.

Floor Plan - Basement

  1. I used 1/4 in plywood floor to be placed within a wooden frame.   The rigidity was not good for such a large floorplan.  The walls are made of scale 2 x 6s.


Basement Frame

  1. The framing idea is okay and actually works well.  It is fairly sturdy and accurate.


Basic Frame - entire house

  1. The wooden frame was made from oak.  All levels were supposed to slide in like drawers.  The weight of the house would have been astronomical.


Basic Frame - Basement

  1. I used 1/8 in wood as drywall on the scale 2 x 6s.  Great rigidity but the weight was increasing.


Basic Wall - Basement

  1. The walls has tiny dowels for placement and later removal for wallcoverings etc.


Newer Frame

  1. I tried a different concept.  Poster board or illustration board on an aluminum / wood frame.  Very rigid and lighter than wood but still probably too heavy.  I got busy with other things and never came back to this concept.  See my current house project for my newest framing concept.



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