My First Dollhouse

  1. This is my first dollhouse.  I started back in the mid '80s before I heard of the  "The Scale Cabinetmaker".  It is photo album of my improving skills.

  2. The first order of business is reclaiming the house from the dead as I had stored the house in my barn for the last 10 yrs.  Mice and other critters made good use of it.  Shirley and I will get it back to where it was with some effort.

  3. Then we have to finish it.

Wright Brother's Home

  1. Hawthorne Hill was a project I attempted over 10 yrs ago.  It failed as my overall design was flawed.  Perhaps others can learn from my mistakes. 


My Home

  1. This is my current and probably lifelong project of reproducing my home and furnishings in 1/12 scale. 



  1. Here are few miniature accessories 1/12 scale. 



  1. Here are a few of our pieces of furniture in 1/12 scale. 



  1. I have some information which I have found useful.


The Scale Cabinetmaker

  1. Info about the a wondrous miniature magazine including a complete on-line index.

New Stuff

  1. This area is for current events and such.

Useful Information

  1. Stuff I like to keep handy

Tools and Tips